Kary Mullis – Wynalazca testu RT/PCR: „Nie jest przeznaczony do wykrywania chorób zakaźnych” [WIDEO-ENGLISH]


W poniższym wideo w jęz. angielskim zaprezentowana jest oryginalna wypowiedź Kary Mullisa na temat testów PCR, które – zdaniem noblisty w dziedzinie chemii – nie powinny być wykorzystywane do wykrywania i diagnostyki chorób zakaźnych.

Kary Mullis – who was awarded a Nobel Chemistry Prize – has always stated that the RT/PCR test being used worldwide by the WHO and government health agencies to test for COVID 19 was never to be used for infectious diseases.

In this short video he explains why and says that – using certain protocols or „tweaking” the RNA sequences – they can come up with any result they want. The World Health Organization and governments worldwide (funded by Bill Gates et al) are engaged in a massive global deception against all peoples, to destroy the global economies and impose a tyrannical planetary regime and full spectrum dominance through surveillance systems designed to control our every move. Lockdowns, facemasks, social distancing and mandatory RNA vaccines with digital tattoos. All based on a hoax test and skewed statistics. Are you angry yet? You should be.


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