Correct Mistakes – aplikacja do korygowania błędów dla dziennikarzy zza granicy [VIDEO]


Aplikacja dla dziennikarzy dostępna jest na platformy Mac i Windows.

The Auschwitz Memorial hopes to stop global media from spreading the incorrect expressions which falsifiy history: “Polish death camp” or “Polish concentration camp”. Together with FCB Warsaw we created and distributed globally a special application, “Remember” to be added to the most popular text editors used by journalists. It’s only purpose – to highlight the incorrect phrase as a mistake and suggest the historically correct expression: German Nazi concentration and extermination camps located in occupied Poland. In the following days there was a true global reaction. Supportive and encouraging media coverage from all corners of the globe started an unprecedented conversation about this memory error. Polish Embassies around the world are encouraging journalists and universities to download and use the application. This simple tool will hopefully allow for history to be set straight and will prevent this offensive mistake from recurring.

You can download the app here: